Zion Spies Evangelical Lutheran Church

            310 Spies Church Road, Reading PA  ( Alsace Twp)  19606     
                Phone (610) 779-1181     Email:   zionspies@comcast.net

The History of  Zion (Spies) Evangelical Lutheran Church

       Zion (Spies) Church is well named   —situated as it is atop a hill, suggesting the temple in Judaea; and having continued through two centuries, suggesting the endurance of the heavenly Zion, the city of our God. Although not officially organized until 1774, a crude log church stood on the site about 1757. Here pioneers as­sembled for worship at services conducted by itinerant preachers. In 1774 a second log church was built upon the small tract of land, donated for the purpose, by Victorious Spiess, who in all probability considered the ground his own by "squatters' rights". Zion was a union church from the beginning. . .


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